Hello, I am Japanese photographer, Hikaru Nagatake. I have been photographing the land and people, exploring the spiritual culture connected with the nature. Sometimes deep forest in the Amazon, sometimes mountain village in the Andes, sometimes outback in the aboriginal land, where the spirits inspire me, remembering something precious in a time of change.


Travel around ~ Northeast Coast of Brazil 

From the deep Amazon
~ song of the forest & magical healer

From the Dreaming land 

From the Andes 

~ sacred lakes & prayers  

Some shots of animals: meeting the touching elephants in danger of extinction in Sumatra, feelings for animals are increasing, though in the town, only the zoo has the opportunity.  Sympathy for animals is increasing by touching elephants in endangered species in Sumatra

About : Hikaru Nagatake is a Japanese photographer, working mainly with editorials. The series of photographs captured the land and people deep in the Amazon and Andes came out the photo book in Japanese like “Magical herb” & “Amazon Kampo”, which describes the spiritual culture communing with the nature. Inspired by the “Sense of Wonder” through photography, organize the non-profit photo project "Wonder Eyes Project"for the children of the world (, doing workshops and exhibitions in Japan and overseas.